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Seeing price break our previous ascending structure give us indication that our bullish run could be coming to and end and shorts could be on the cards once we find our newly found resistance!

we can see that price broke the previous low structure whilst breaking the ascending TL and has now completed what looks to be the retest we were waiting for before shorting into a potential new low, price has revisited the broken TL and our area of accumulation in the market which we seen price stall at before dropping!

112.50 could be an ideal target for price to come into and fulfil its new low structure!

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EURCAD Hourly Ascending Wedge Structure

EURCAD gearing up too swing lower..

We see price trading inside this ascending wedge structure after the impulsive moves seen from the previous week, as the market begin to find their feet and return back to normality we can start to spot these patterns in the market.

I am waiting for price to break the structure and return to the lows of the previous bounce (2nd bounce of the bottom TL) before having a slight pullback into the red region to form a lower high structure after the break!

First target is 1.4700

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EURJPY – 2 Hour Intraday Set-up 03/03/2020

EURJPY Inverted Head and Shoulders

Following the domination of the EURO as a base currency last week, we can see that the market is not moving back to its normal state of trading, from forming our new low which is the head of the formation, ideally I was looking for shorts as a lot of people would have been…however with the explosive move back to the neckline to form the double top structure, we now have another bias on the cards!

Ideally I am waiting for price to come back within the green zone before looking for longs upon signs of rejection, it is very important that as a trader you are able to adapt and grow with the market, allowing your bias to be flexible as the market DOES NOT have to do what you want it to do, the market shows you signs of what it is going to do and we take advantage of this!

The full trading team are waiting for this set up to come in play before looking for longs back into the 121.00 region firstly and then beyond…make sure to get in contact with the team if you are wanting to learn a new life skill alongside ourselves!


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GBPUSD – Weekly Trading Set-up 02/03/2020

GBPUSD revisit of 1.4400

Higher timeframe structure shows price now attempting to trade in an ascending manner as we break our long term descending Trend line. having broken this Trend line and forming a discreet higher structure, we can see that price has a support level in which it can come back too for the higher low as opposed to a Trend line retest!

This higher low structure would in turn form the right shoulder structure of our Inverted Head and Shoulders pattern!

The team does have some intraday set ups in place to catch the potential short to the 61.8% Fibonacci level before the swing can come into place where we take advantage of the market alongside the smaller positions we can stack on each minor impulsive pullback!

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CADCHF Back into 0.7440…

CADCHF Back into 0.7440

A very simple set up in the market, we have seen price break a descending TL to create a new high, our previous lower high swings have been highlighted with the yellow circles and as we can see, once price broke the trend line, we went on to form a new high before coming to retest the trend line again!

in confluence with the trend line break and retest, we also see price slowing down and having a hard time breaking the 78.60% FIB level which can now be the identification of our higher low structure ready for price to either return to 0.7440 which is my first target OR go beyond to form a new high structure!

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EURNZD – 1.7300 Lower Swing…

EURNZD lower swing high – 1.7300

This was a trading set up discussed with the in-person students over the weekend, looking for a nice rejection at the 1.7300 region which has acted as our left shoulder resistance, we are looking for history to repeat itself, however having already formed a new lower structure in the market we can start to see descending patterns showing themselves and giving us the opportunity to take advantage!

I am looking for a large swing to the downside into return of our previous low at 1.6620 before looking to extend into a new lower low structure with my target then being 1.6370, along with my swing position I will be looking to scale in upon each impulsive pullback!

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USDCAD – Daily Trading Set-up 24/02/2020


Looking at the larger picture we can see that ultimately we are stuck in a range, however as price continues to trade within the range we can see price form patterns giving us opportunities to use in order to make a profit!

The main pattern we are seeing at the moment is a inverted head and shoulders formation with the neckline being 1.3320, I will be executing entries along our descent into our right shoulder support on the 4H and 1H intraday timeframes in which analysis and write ups will be constantly sent to the team with each entry that is made!

A break above the neckline and into new highs will invalidate the set up and we can therefore look for longs into new yearly highs!


Comment your thoughts on the analysis above!


USDCHF – DAILY Trading Set-up 21/02/2020

USDCHF lower high formation!


Seeing price form its lower low swing (yellow box) we can see that the pair is now moving in a descending manner and we can essentially start looking for shorts at the lower high formation which looks to have been formed at the reaction level 0.9840 between the 50% 61.8% FIB levels!

Can we get a double confirmation push for an entry point to see price head into the 0.9550 region, I will be looking to sell off a retest and sufficient rejection and confirmation off 0.9840 which would minimised risk and maximise profits!

Comment your thoughts on the analysis and write up above!


EURAUD – 4H Trading Set-Up 20/02/2020

EURAUD 4H next downside leg?

After seeing a negative unemployment rate reading for the Aussie Dollar we looked to have taken out any sign of Aussie strength in the market with the early morning pushes, however this has just given price a deeper retracement across all Aussie pairs with a potential opportunity for better entries and to minimise risk and maximise reward!

We see the above pair (EURAUD) come to the 50% FIB level which falls in alignment with a reaction level at 1.6270 which has been used as support and resistance on numerous occasions, with the push back up to this level we can see that we have formed our potential third lower high swing giving us a good indication that price may be gearing up for its last leg to complete the third drive!

I would like to see price come a little higher into our golden pocket (highlighted by the red box) which shows an imbalance in price and an order region which when triggered can put a lot of selling volume into the market at this level!

I will be keeping eyes on..!

Comment your thoughts on the analysis and write up above!


CHFJPY – 4H Trading Set-up 19/02/2020

CHFJPY 4H next downside leg?


Having seen the pair previously break a long term ascending Daily/Weekly Trend line and a retest of the key level 114.370, we seen a change in sentiment and can now look for price to start forming legs downside!

Intraday time frame we see price form a “Price Imbalance” in the market which is highlighted by the grey box, we see a 50% FIB rejection on two separate occasions with our third tap currently over extended giving us a good indication we could now start to see downside volume as we form a triple top at the resistance!

I will be looking for price to form its next leg lower into the first extension level which also falls in alignment with a previously low!

Comment your thoughts on the analysis and write up above!

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